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How AfterShokz Work During A NASCAR Race

Hi, #ShokzSquad! I'm Bill Kimball, a devoted NASCAR fan and an avid AfterShokz wearer. If you have ever been to a NASCAR race you know that when the engines begin to roar you can barely hear yourself speak. Most fans will tune in to the radio broadcast or the scanner to listen in to the team chatter. As a result, the grandstands are filled with people wearing these clunky, huge headphones. But in the heat of the summer, this is bound to get uncomfortable.

Ever since our CTO insisted on including earplugs with every set of Titanium I’ve been itching to test these out at a NASCAR race. So, of course, I brought my AfterShokz Titanium headphones down to the Richmond International Speedway last weekend to see how they might perform. Don’t get me wrong, I still had my trusty set of bulky can headphones with me just in case.

I started wearing my canned headset trying to find MRN (Motor Racing Network) on the radio. I finally found the station, but the reception was poor so I decided to give the Titanium a shot. I loaded the MRN app onto my iPhone, put in my earplugs, and fired up my AfterShokz. In a word: WOW! The reception was clear as day. And I could hear the broadcast perfectly over the roaring engines.

I spent the next four hours providing updates during the record 15 caution flags to my brother who had given up on the poor reception and was simply using his bulky cans as giant earmuffs. Although it was a night race, Richmond saw near record highs that day of 95 degrees, and not once did I have to remove my headphones to wipe sweat from my ears.

So if you’re a fellow racing spectator that hates wearing those heavy canned headsets to tune in to the broadcast, give AfterShokz a try. I bet the results will surprise you. And when you do, please tell us about your experience in the comments.