Bluez 2s Pairing

To what devices will Bluez 2S pair?

Bluez 2S will pair to most Bluetooth devices that use Bluetooth 2.1 or later: phones, tablets, computers, and watches! It will not pair to gaming consoles. It does not pair to all transmitters.


How do I pair Bluez 2S to my device?

1. Start with your headphones off.

2. Enter pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button for 5-7 seconds, until the LED light flashes red and blue.

3. Open your device’s Bluetooth settings and select the Bluez 2S. Audrey will say “Connected.”

Your headphones should now be connected to your device.


Can Bluez 2S pair to more than one device?

Bluez 2S can only pair to one device at a time. To pair to a new device, manually reset your headphones.