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Women-Owned Running Brands To Shop & Support Anytime

September 22, 2020, is American Business Women’s Day, a day to honor the accomplishments of businesswomen and female professionals across the United States. Here at AfterShokz, we have an abundance of powerful women on our team, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to pay homage to them and all the other boss women out there with a roundup all about female-owned businesses for running, wellness, and nutrition. 

Keep reading to discover just a few of the women-owned businesses in the fitness industry to shop and support now and year-round!  

For Workouts - Apparel Brands

Oiselle - Designed by and specifically for female athletes, Oiselle is a favorite brand for women’s running apparel and trending workout clothing styles you’ll love. Since its first pair of best-selling running shorts that gained popularity due to their flattering fit and comfortable construction, this brand has continued to refine its design process to include an inclusive size range, reasonable prices, and unbelievably amazing performance apparel made to move with you while you conquer anything.  

Paragon Fitwear - Paragon Fitwear is one of Instagram’s favorite female-owned activewear brands for a lot of reasons, but the main one is definitely the insane value. Paragon has found the perfect balance between luxury and affordability, and their selection of crop tops, joggers, leggings, and shorts all in trending and universal colors is proof. Slip into buttery-soft material that stretches with you while smoothing out your silhouette so you can run in style and with confidence.

Outdoor Voices - Outdoor Voices is considered one of the OG athleisure brands in the game. Founded by girl boss and entrepreneur Tyler Haney, the brand is designed to inspire all types of movement, from running to hiking to yoga and everything else in between. Scroll through the online store to find your new favorite leggings in their signature colorblock shades. 

For Fuel - Healthy Snack Brands 

Go Macro - Designed with busy moms in mind, Go Macro snacks are made to complement a plant-based macrobiotic diet so everyone in the family can get the proper fuel for the day (or run) ahead. Get to know more about the mother-daughter duo behind the brand while you shop for your new favorite on-the-go snack. 

Moon Juice - Shake up snack time without having to waste a cheat day or load up on useless carbs. Moon Juice is a Black woman-owned food company focused on snacks made from high-quality ingredients and without all the unnecessary fillers and preservatives. Treat yourself to some chile and dried mango snacks after a long-distance run and thank us later! 

Oh-Mazing Foods - We’ve been singing the praises of Oh-Mazing Foods for a while now. You may have even seen this woman-owned healthy snack brand mentioned on our blog post about our favorite Black-owned health business. Oh-Mazing Foods features granola snack mixes made with whole foods and organic ingredients so you can fuel up with all the good stuff pre-workout or post-run. 

For Recovery - Wellness Brands 

Restart CBD - Sister duo Shayda and Sydney Torabi launched their Austin-based CBD (cannabidiol) company with the goal of introducing more everyday people and athletes to the medicinal and restorative benefits of CBD. Pop over to their website to shop a variety of CBD products and get ready to reach a new level of running recovery.

Ritual - Maintaining proper nutrition is a crucial part of training and running at your best. But let’s face it, getting all of your daily recommended doses of vitamins and minerals isn’t always easy. That’s why Ritual is our new favorite supplement brand. Ritual vitamins are made with female health in mind and without harmful chemicals and other filler toxins you’d find in a traditional women’s multivitamin. 

Supergoop! - Sunscreen is essential. If you do any kind of outdoor running (or if you spend most of your time running on a treadmill indoors), wearing sunscreen is the best way to keep your skin protected while you crush your goals. Women-owned skincare brand Supergoop! is a cult favorite among makeup enthusiasts and sun-loving ladies for its clean ingredients and powerful UV protection. We recommend applying some best-selling Unseen Sunscreen before your next trail run. 

What are your favorite women-owned running business and women-owned health brands to shop? Share with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!