Why Do Titanium Come With Earplugs?
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Why Do Titanium Come With Earplugs?

AfterShokz headphones are known for their open-ear design, so why does Titanium come with earplugs?

While we’re all about situational awareness, we know there are some circumstances where hearing surrounding sounds… eh, maybe not such a good thing. For settings that are safe to seal off sound, like plane trips and subway rides, earplugs can be kind of nice.

Because AfterShokz headphones work through bone conduction, they’re also the perfect solution for those who work in noisy environments that require ear protection. Titanium has won the hearts of construction workers, landscapers, and auto mechanics who can rock out to their favorite tunes while still protecting their hearing. 

Titanium even comes with a separate EQ setting specifically designed for listening with earplugs.

For more information on using your AfterShokz headphones with earplugs, please click on the help widget below. 


*Note: Titanium headphones have been discontinued.*