What's In CMO Kim Fassetta's Hard Case?
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What's In CMO Kim Fassetta's Hard Case?

Curious to know what fun-size items keep Chief Marketing Officer Kim Fassetta company on the road? Check out the necessities you’ll spot in her hard case any day of the week below.

What’s in my hard case?

One thing you’ll always find in my oversized tote is my AfterShokz hard case. It’s just perfect for stashing everyday essentials that would otherwise get lost in the depths of my bag! What’s inside? Well, let’s have a look!

AfterShokz storage case including a headphone charger, business cards, an Apple USB adapter, lip chap, measuring tape, toy dinosaur, post it notes, bobby pins and caffeine gummies

Business cards

How many times have you reached into your wallet to hand someone a business card only to realize that you’re out? We’ve all been there, which is why it’s great to have a back-up stash.


Air headphones, plus charger and USB-C to USB adapter

Though we now offer much sleeker carrying cases for our headphones, I still use this old school version to stash my Air when not in use. Toss in my charger and adapter and I’m always able to grab a quick charge off my MacBook Pro on-the-go.

USB drive

For those times when AirDrop fails you!

Toy dino

My five-year-old is obsessed with dinosaurs, to the point that our home is overrun with them. #BoyMomProbs. A couple of years ago as I was leaving for a business trip, Rocco gave me a handful of his favorite tiny ones to keep in my pocket so a little piece of him was always with me (swoon). I’ve got these little guys floating around in just about every little pocket of every bag I own, and any time I come across one my heart smiles.  

Glossier lipstick

My latest beauty obsession, Glossier, is this matte lipstick/chapstick hybrid. My favorite is their natural color called Leo, which happens to match my freckles perfectly.

Go Cubes

Caffeine gummies—the invention of the year! One square cube gives me the perfect boost of energy when I’m feeling sluggish. I also keep a stash of these in my sport belt to help keep me going during my longer training runs.


Post-It notes

Though we’re all about tech around here, I’m still a pen and paper gal. I carry a notebook everywhere I go (minus when I’m running—and believe me, I’ve tried to make that work!) and use bright colored stickies to highlight priority to-dos.

Bobby pins

Nine days out of 10, my hair is pinned up or pulled back in some sort of messy bun. Bobbies that blend in with the color of my hair are essential for keeping my ‘do look like it’s floating in place.

Measuring tape

This measuring tape is something I “borrowed” from my mom’s sewing kit something like 20 years ago. I forget what I needed it for at the time, but I use it now to measure things like retail shelves, in-store signage and point-of-sale displays when something catches my eye. So handy!


We’re curious. What’s in your hard case? Snap a pic and share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #ShokzSquad.