How to Make Sure Your Warranty Claim Goes Smoothly
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How to Make Sure Your Warranty Claim Goes Smoothly

While most of our customers enjoy their AfterShokz headphones without running into any issues, sometimes things can happen. Maybe the battery life isn’t what it once was, or perhaps a button has fallen off. These issues are rare, but are covered under the two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Should you find yourself having to file a warranty claim, here are some tips to ensure the quickest possible turnaround time.

Register your headphones as soon as you receive them. You can register your headphones here. 

Keep your defective unit. We will ask you to send the headset back to us; keeping the defective unit will prevent any potential hiccups in the warranty process.

If your address has changed, let us know ASAP. This will eliminate any possibility of your replacement being sent to the wrong address. 

Don’t send your headphones anywhere before we provide a return label - When we do need your headphones back, we’ll send you a prepaid return label (US and Canada). This will guarantee that your headphones go to the right place without you having to pay a dime!

Need assistance filing your claim? Please click on the widget below.