Tech Tips: All About Bluetooth
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Tech Tips: All About Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is everywhere these days (including your AfterShokz headphones)! It’s a word we hear all the time that's in millions of products we use everyday, including headsets, cellphones, laptops, portable speakers, etc. But how much do we actually know about Bluetooth?


1. Why is it called Bluetooth?

Contrary to popular belief, Bluetooth is not named after a big blue tooth. That would be weird. It is actually named after a Viking king from medieval Scandinavia (also pretty weird). His name was Harald Bluetooth and was famous for uniting parts of Denmark and Norway into one nation.


2. What's up with the logo?

Speaking of His Majesty, the logo was also created with him in mind. For those who aren't fluent in every language in history, the symbol is Harald's initials written in Scandinavian runes.

King Bluetooth


3. So how does Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth uses radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect to devices. Unlike infrared, radio waves can pass through walls and other objects.



4. It's actually hardware and software.

How can it be both, you ask? Well, each device contains a chip with a tiny radio and uses software to help it communicate with other devices.


5. Bluetooth can connect to multiple devices.

You can connect up to seven devices. This works by creating one of the devices as the master device. That means you can connect both your MacBook Pro AND your cell phone to the same Bluetooth device. The master coordinates all the communication to the rest of the devices. However, in most cases, there can only be one live connection.


6. The range is much bigger than it used to be.

The earliest versions of the technology had a pretty short range of up to 10 ft. However, the newer versions can now communicate up to 100 ft.


7. It's really popular.

In 2008, only 5% of mobile devices were Bluetooth enabled. Now, 95% of mobile devices use it!