How To Pair Your Titanium Headphones
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How To Pair Your Titanium Headphones

Whether you just received your Titanium headphones, you got a new phone, or you lost connectivity, it helps to know how to pair your headphones to your device. Pairing is easy with these simple steps:

1) Start with your headphones off.

2) Enter pairing mode by pressing and holding the volume+ button for 5-7 seconds. How do you know when you’re in pairing mode? The LED light will flash red and blue, and voice prompter Audrey will say, “pairing.”

3) Open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone or other device and select Titanium. Audrey will say "connected."

Your Titanium headphones are now connected to your device.

Still having trouble pairing? Please click the widget below. 


*Note: Titanium headphones have been discontinued.*