How To Run With Your Dog
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How To Run With Your Dog

Sometimes there's a big difference between the concept of running with your dog... and the reality. Your dog might get distracted. They might get lazy. They might need a bathroom break. However, getting your dog into a routine can help make your run and your time together well worth it.

1. Check In With Your Vet

Whether you just got your dog, or he's been your best friend for years, you might want to consider taking them for a checkup before taking them on a 3-mile run. You'll want to make sure they're in good health, and that nothing is causing them pain.

2. Teach Basic Commands

Training your dog in basic commands such as "stay" and "sit" can be a big help. These commands should be known by your dog before you run together to ensure the safety of your furry friend as well as others around you.

3. Start Off Slow

We're not able to run a marathon on the first try. It takes months, even years, to train for such an accomplishment. The same goes for dogs! If you are a seasoned runner, and your dog is a seasoned couch napper, your dog needs time to reach your exercise level. Start with walks and work your way up to a run.

4. Keep Them Cool

If you could fry an egg from the heat of the pavement, maybe your dog should sit this run out. Dogs can overheat and become dehydrated quickly, not to mention they don't have any shoes! Regardless of the temperature outside, you should always bring water along for both you and your dog.

5. Healthy Diet = Happy Dog

Your diet is your body's fuel, and that's true for your doggo too! Make sure your dog is eating well so they're at a comfortable weight and have the energy to keep up with your every mile.

6. Treat Them For Being So Good

After a long hard run with your dog, make sure that you treat them for being so good! This will make them realize that listening to you and being an awesome running partner comes with perks. Keep in mind that you do not want to give them treats too soon after returning because this may induce vomiting. Wait a little while for both you and your dog to cool down before celebrating with victory treats. Sounds like a perfect ending to a successful run to us!

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