Woman sitting outdoors wearing AfterShokz Aeropex wireless headphones
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How To Buy AfterShokz With Afterpay

AfterShokz, Meet Afterpay. Being open just got easier! AfterShokz is proud to partner with Afterpay to offer 4 interest-free payment installments on all AfterShokz models for risk-free listening. Learn all about how to purchase AfterShokz products with Afterpay and enjoy high-quality, open-ear audio products now and pay later. 

Getting started is easy! Follow these steps to learn how to pay for your AfterShokz with AfterPay.

  1. Add your selected model to your cart.
  2. Head to online checkout and fill out your shipping information.
  3. Select the Afterpay option on the payment screen.
  4. After completing your order on the AfterShokz page, you'll be taken to the Afterpay website to sign up and complete your payment.

Payments are divided into 4 interest-free installments, which makes it easier for shoppers to experience open-ear audio right away while offering budget-friendly shopping flexibility. Here’s how it works: 

If you buy Aeropex for $159.95 USD…

  1. First $39.99 USD installment due day of purchase
  2. Second $39.99 USD installment due in 2 weeks
  3. Third $39.99 USD  installment due in 4 weeks
  4. Final $39.99 USD  installment due in 6 weeks 

Ready to listen now and pay later? Start shopping all of our wireless AfterShokz products on our AfterShokz website