How to Beat the Running Boredom
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How to Beat the Running Boredom

At this point, I’m almost halfway through my marathon training cycle, and Honolulu will be here before I know it! The shiny newness of marathon training has worn off - I know every inch of my quiet country road where I’ve done the majority of my training. I’ve blown through so many audiobooks that I’m starting to listen to them for a second (and in some cases third!) time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that my training has become more routine. But if I’m being totally honest, I’ve started to feel a bit bored on some of my training runs.

That said, I’m committed to sticking to this training plan, no matter what! So I’ve gotten creative with a handful of ways that always beat my boredom!

Find a Friend

A HUGE help for me this training cycle is having a friend(s) along for the training journey. Since my pacer, coach and I all live in different parts of the country, we aren’t able to physically run together on a regular basis. But knowing that they share my running schedule and goals, and being able to regularly check-in on progress and struggles helps to motivate me on my toughest days. Three of my colleagues have also decided to train along with me. Though we too live hundreds of miles apart, our group text chat is entertaining, educational and inspires me daily - knowing that we’re in this together makes this journey more of a vacation with my girlfriends. My tip: Running is always more fun with a friend! Find a friend - either local or afar - who can join you on the journey! Being able to share the experience with others helps to stave off potential boredom.

All About the Audio

I use my AfterShokz any chance I get (obvi), but especially on the run! Listening to audio - mostly audiobooks and podcasts - during my runs helps me fight off boredom. I usually consume at least one self-development book a week, plus a podcast episode or two (killin’ it at the e-library!). My tip: First, make sure you invest in some AfterShokz! Wireless open-ear headphones make listening to audio on the run safe and seamless. Next, find an audiobook, podcast, or music playlist that you love and download to your phone before your run. Runs fly by when you’re focused on learning.

Switch It Up

Variety is key! Make sure to frequently switch things up during your training cycle, so you don’t get too accustomed to the same thing. This can mean finding new running routes, trying out trails, or running with different people! (Easy for me to say, I know, since I’m on the road so often with new routes in different cities at my fingertips all the time.) My tip: I’m prone to getting bored on longer runs, so I like to alternate between several different routes near my home - sometimes even running my regular routes backward. Even this slight variation ensures that I stay one step ahead of potential boredom!

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