Everything Your AfterShokz Two-Year Warranty Covers
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Everything Your AfterShokz Two-Year Warranty Covers

AfterShokz headphones come with a free two-year warranty in most countries and on all new products. While it’s something we hope you never have to use, it’s definitely something you want to know about. It covers manufacturer defects, like only one working transducer, or issues with the battery. It does not cover misuse, abuse, or theft.

Because our certified factory takes steps to ensure quality control, receiving faulty bone conduction headphones is pretty uncommon, but it does happen from time to time.

Here are a few scenarios the warranty covers, and a few it doesn’t:

You’re Covered!

  • Your headphones aren’t charging
  • Your headphones only last 20 minutes before powering down
  • Your headband cracked, without it being subject to misuse or abuse
  • Your power button fell off, without it being subject to misuse or abuse
  • Your multifunction button is no longer multifunctioning
  • You’re experiencing static or crackling that isn’t resolved by a manual reset
  • You’re experiencing issues with the mic that aren’t resolved by a manual reset


  • Your rescue pup mistook your headphones for a delectable neon green chew toy
  • Your headphones felt so light and so natural, you forgot you had them on when you dove into your pool (Unless you're wearing AfterShokz Aeropex or Xtrainerz, of course! Then no worries; they're waterproof)
  • Curiosity got to the best of you, so you took apart your headphones, and now they’re not functioning properly

To file a warranty claim, register your headphones, then file a claim. After your claim is reviewed, we'll provide you with a prepaid return shipping label to send back your open-ear headphones. Once we receive them, we'll send out the replacement pair. Your two-year warranty continues from your original date of purchase.