How To Convince Your Friends To Run
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How To Convince Your Friends To Run

That feeling of hitting the road, getting into a steady rhythm, and occasionally synchronizing your steps with the beat of your AfterShokz. It puts you in the right mood every time. 

Running is so therapeutic. As much as we all like running alone, there is no denying the fun that comes from running with a friend (or two or three).

But what do you do when those faithful friends throw you a curve ball? Do you take the first no or do you take that as a personal challenge? Sometimes our best friends need a kick in the butt to get them going, and who better than you, right?

If you're having trouble convincing your stubborn pal to lace up their running shoes and get out on the town, then you are in luck! We have compiled a list of 7 different strategies that you can use to get a buddy to join you on your next run. If none of these work, then you need new friends! Let's get started.

1. Make The Distance Really Vague 


How long is it? Where are we going? Will we be back before noon? What's the temperature outside? A classic strategy to fish for an excuse.

I'm not sure how long it is. I don't know the exact route. Go grab your sneakers - we'll be fine!

The less info you give them, the less ammo they have to make a rebuttal with! Keep them on the ropes so they will be more likely to join you on your next run!


2. Go Shopping Together For Awesome Running Gear

Who doesn't love new things? Not to mention we all have those outfits that make us feel a little more "athletic." Sometimes that's all people need to motivate them to start being active! Get your friend to the nearest mall and they may be surprised by how good they look and feel.

Who doesn't love new sneakers? Maybe show them your AfterShokz! See how they feel about running after copping some new, fresh gear!


3. Introduce Them To Your Running Friends 

Meeting new people can be daunting, but if you can absorb your friend into a fun running group, perhaps they won't even notice how much time is passing, and how hard they are working those legs! Bonus points if you're all beginner runners. You can tell your friend you're all in this together! New things may seem less intimidating in a larger group!


4. Say Really Nice Things To Them Before And During Your Run

Everyone likes to be complimented. Let your friend know that they are awesome. That they look great in those gym shorts. That they're a natural! Let them know they are so capable of owning this run and that this is one of many hurdles you will accomplish together!

Sometimes all someone needs is a personal cheerleader/motivator to get them outside! Lay it on thick and you may just have a new running partner!


5. Bribe Them

None of these other tips are working, huh? Are they still on the fence about running? Promise to buy them their favorite food when you're done. Pancakes. Burgers. Pizza. Whatever. When their favorite food enters the mix, it will be difficult for them to not join you. Make them hungry! Also, let them know how hungry you get after running. A tall stack of pancakes will have them feeling great and it may make them want to run with you again! Just let them know they are buying next time!

Make them hungry! Also, let them know how hungry you get after running. A tall stack of pancakes will have them feeling great and it may make them want to run with you again! Just let them know they are buying next time!


6. Entice Them With Results

Let them know how great your body feels after completing your run. Tell them how much energy you have after running a few miles each day. Have you lost a few pounds? Gained muscle mass? Might want to casually drop that information too. Seeing a transformation in you can inspire your friend to transform themselves.

Working out is always better when you have a partner to gain results with, who better than one of your best pals?


7. Get them on a Bicycle!

So maybe running isn't for them. Perhaps they'd prefer cycling or rollerblading or skateboarding. The important thing is that you're out experiencing the great outdoors together! Although they may not be next to you running, they will still be keeping a pace with you, making memories as well as working out, so it's still a win!

If these strategies were successful for you, or if you know of any other sure-fire way to get your stubborn friend off the couch, share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!